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Maximize the value of your assets with our tailored securitization solutions, transforming your real and financial assets into investment opportunities. Our SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles) operate under a globally consolidated legal framework, facilitating access for your financial projects to global investors.
Unparalleled in our first-in-class expertise, we tailor optimal securitization solutions with a deep understanding of your needs, ensuring efficient, agile and seamless delivery for a truly bespoke financial experience.

Mastering & Commanding since 2010

For over a decade, MTCM has been dedicated to forging the future of investment management with innovative solutions and expert execution that aligns with the dynamic demands of modern businesses. Founded in 2010, our firm emerged with a clear vision: to innovate in the financial landscape to support institutional investors in financing and investing with the goal of carrying out their projects for the distribution and expansion of their investment products.

With a trajectory marked by commitment and excellence, MTCM has scaled the heights of the financial industry, establishing itself as a global benchmark in the provision of strategic services for the effective issuance and management of securitized vehicles/assets. Our range of services spans from liquid investment options to unconventional investment alternatives, meticulously designed to meet the needs of financial institutions around the world.

We are at the forefront of the financial sector, applying up-to-date knowledge and advanced techniques to offer tailored solutions that meet the unique challenges of each client. At MTCM, we are not just witnesses to the evolution of the investment market; we are architects of its transformation, committed to creating sustainable value and uncompromised excellence.

“There are people who make things happen, there are people who
watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened.”
Jim Lovell

We Make Things Happen

Navigating our Product Journey

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I. Idea

Begin with a well-defined investment idea.​


II. Architecture

MTCM Team provides guidance on the optimal solution for implementing your idea.

Open architecture, allowing integration with existing counterparts or the addition of your own components.


III. Product Setup

MTCM manages legalities, onboarding, structuring, term sheets, and approvals.


IV. Subscription

Upon approval, your product gets an international ISIN (XS, CH or similar).

Your investment product goes live for subscription.


V. Issuance

Investors receive certificates, allowing them to fund and participate in your product’s performance.

Possibility of certificates to trade on exchange.

We streamline your investment idea into a bankable security through platform utilization, efficient product setup, subscription opening, and certificate issuance for investor engagement.

Securitization Strategies

Private Debt

Private loans can be securitised into any type of bonds, including convertibles. This is a highly efficient way to access institutional fixed-income investors worldwide.

Private Debt​
Private Equity

Private Equity

The securitised private equity investment becomes a bankable asset. This is a highly efficient way to access global capital markets as the issued EMTNs are provided with an ISIN and traded through global clearance and settlement platforms, such as Euroclear.

Real Estate

Securitization of real estate converts the asset into a tradable security on the financial markets. This is a flexible and efficient way to raise capital, to fund a real estate development project or to get the real estate portfolio of balance sheet.

Real Estate

Broker Account Backed Security (BABS)

BABS, Broker Account Backed Security, formerly and erroneously known as AMCs (Actively Managed Certificates), enjoy great versatility in the financial market, allowing the conversion of various values and structured products into tradable instruments. Even a trading account can be securitized, giving investors the ability to design trading strategies with segregated risks and off the accounting balance sheet. BABS, Broker Account Backed Security, can be efficiently distributed among networks of qualified investors, expanding investment options and portfolio management.

Digital Assets

Securitization of Cryptocurrencies and Tokens: This innovative trend involves transforming digital assets like cryptocurrencies into regulated, tradable securities. It aims to integrate these assets into the traditional financial system, offering a structured, compliant investment avenue, attracting institutional investors, and enhancing liquidity by making them accessible on conventional exchanges.

Digital Assets​
Fund Shares (Feeder Funds)

Fund Shares (Feeder Funds)

The securitisation of fund shares provides a bridge between the fund and the investor, allowing fund managers to sell to institutional investors through a new channel of broker dealers and private banks.

Art, IP and Other Tangible and Intangible Assets

Art has become increasingly popular as an asset class in the post-financial-crisis investment landscape. Investment opportunities in art, collection items or intellectual property (IP) such as brand royalties, music or film rights are typically illiquid and difficult to access.

Art, IP and Other Tangible and Intangible Assets​
Green Bonds​

Green Bonds

Institutional investors can securitize their investment strategy or assets into an EMTN and apply for green bond certification in collaboration with Sustainalytics.

Islamic Finance

Islamic finance products are asset based or asset backed. As such, an asset-backed security or securitization vehicle seems to be the natural fit for structuring Islamic finance transactions. However, Islamic finance does not allow for investments in interest- bearing (“riba”) products, speculation, or investments in certain activities. Furthermore, the security issued may not be interest bearing, but rather must be based on a participation of business risk.

Islamic Finance​

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