Trackers and Leveraged Solutions

We analyse your HF positions with a new approach of rule based strategies.

We analyse the main Performance Driver for any Strategy or Hedge fund.

Hedge Fund Strategies Overview YTD
Hedge Fund Index Tracker 3,21%
Convertible Arbitrage 1,83%
Dedicated Short Bias -6,26%
Emerging Markets 5,56%
Equity Market Neutral 0,39%
Event Driven  4,47%
Fixed Income Arbitrage 1,90%
Global Macro 2,44%
Long Short Equity 4,48%
Managed Futures 5,20%
Multy Strategy 1,39%

We advise you on any Hedge Fund Strategy with Market research and Due Diligence and give you access to a wide range of single Hedge Fund Manager through our collaboration with our Strategic Partners.

Ask for a list of our selected Managers.

Many elements of smart beta and alpha can be accessed through systematic strategies. Mainly:

  • Carry Trades                        e.g. Global index volatility arbitre
  • Statistical Arbitre                e.g. Fundamental / quant arbitre
  • Rates Arbitre                       e.g. Interest rates volatility arbitre


Benefits from systematic indices:

  • Lower Fees                        No performance fee, transparent calculation fee
  • Liquidity                             Daily liquidiy is standard practice
  • Full Transparency             No «black box» investing. Pure rules based


We analyse the efficiency of the strategies and disclose the embeded costs and risks.

Based on a wide selection of funds and Hedge Fundes, we can provide a leveraged exposure of up to 5 times.

Why use Leverage

  • Individual leverage can be implemented from 1.5x to 5x)
  • The investor has the opportunity to get more exposure to the strategies
  • The investor can reduce the allocation to the strategy by keeping the same exposure


What are the advantage of using Leverage

  • Cheaper: The cost of leveraging an hedge fund strategy is usually very high. By implenenting swaps, MTCM can leverage a personalized actively managed portfolio of HF strategies for a fraction of usual costs.
  • Simple: Clients don’t need to apply to for leverage. There is no risk of margin calls.
  • FUp to 5x Leverage


We analyse the efficiency of the strategies and disclose the embeded costs and risks.