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Commanding Tailored Excellence in Finance

MTCM, with its roots in Switzerland and presence in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, and Panama, has emerged as the gold standard in creating securitization solutions since its inception in 2010.

With a symphony of advanced and unique knowledge, we configure tailored solutions in securitization.

In the global financial arena, MTCM is synonymous with excellence, backed by vast experience in structuring and issuing notes. Our team, forged in the most prestigious investment banks and endowed with deep knowledge of the derivatives market, is our cornerstone for providing the most innovative and effective securitization options.

At MTCM, we value trust and transparency above all, fostering solid relationships with our clients. We strive to maintain direct and effective communication, allowing us to exceed expectations and establish ourselves as your partner.


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Why choose MTCM?


Custom Securitization

We work closely with our clients to structure ABSs that precisely meet their needs, offering flexibility and tailored configurations.

SPV Expertise

Utilizing our SPV framework, we streamline the process of setting up, listing, and administering ABSs, ensuring regulatory compliance and efficient management.

Private Equity
Fund Shares (Feeder Funds)

Focused Assistance

Our specialized focus on SPV-based BABS facilitation allows us to offer dedicated attention and expertise in this niche area.

End-to-end Service

We offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions, providing comprehensive support in conceptualization to execution and ongoing management, ensuring a seamless transition from crafting to market presence to administration.

Private Debt​

Meet the Team

Collaborate with MTCM to navigate the complexities of Asset Backed Securities. Rely on our expertise and SPV-based solutions for a seamless End-to-End experience.
Marcos Montero

Marcos Montero

Founder & Managing Partner
José Benítez

José Benítez

Co-Founder & COO
Pedro Herranz

Pedro Herranz

Managing Partner & CEO Luxembourg
Juan Somme

Juan Somme

Managing Partner & CIO
Michael Zollinger

Michael Zollinger

Managing Partner &
CEO Panama
Luis Castro Verde

Luis Carlos Castroverde

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer
Christoph Scheuermann

Christoph Scheuermann

Chief Product Officer
Donald Lee

Donald Lee

Business Development Director LATAM
Vicente Callejo

Vicente Callejo

Chief Financial Officer
Rani Sawaf

Rani Sawaf

Board Member