Innovative Solutions

for Structured Financial Products

What are Structured Products?

What are

Structured Products?

Structured products are innovative financial instruments that combine elements of traditional investments with derivatives, creating unique solutions for investors.

These structured financial products are issued independently and are securitized as commercial papers. Their main advantage lies in their versatility to adapt to any market expectation, whether bullish, bearish, or neutral, and to satisfy different risk profiles, from low-risk capital protection to high-risk leverage options. In addition, they offer high liquidity in the secondary market, backed by the issuer.

These structured products access various investment classes, including traditionally inaccessible options for many investors, such as precious metals, commodities, and emerging markets, making them a valuable tool for diversifying and optimizing portfolios.

Advantages of Structured Products

They cover any market expectation, bullish, bearish, or neutral.

Include different risk profiles, from low-risk capital protection products to high-risk leverage products.

High liquidity in the secondary market provided by the issuer.

Structured Products